Part Three

Business Model


3.1 Market & Customer Analysis

Like the market survey showed, this project helps world heritage sites around the world to establish a whole set of autostereoscopic 3D pictures for preservation, research and even commercial purposes, our customers will be the organizations or establishments that are funded to operate these sites in the world.

There are 754 world heritage sites spread in 170 countries and thousands of organizations or museums are caring these sites everyday.
Currently, nearly all of the countries on the planet have their world heritage sites approved by UNESCO, it is very easy to find where they are and who are in charge of them. For example, if you want to the know the world heritage sites in Spain, you can find relevant information on:

Consequently, detailed address and contact information can be found on such pages:

Near Ommayard Mosque (right) in the center of Ancient City of Damascus, Syria Republic, there are several museums and mosque preservation organizations. Nearby is Damascus University, which spend tens of thousands dollars on renovation and protection work. That means if WHVPA can have even one percent of all these sites annually, it can keep balance sheet and make profits!

I listed the reasons why these organizations will want to choose WHVPA to do autostereoscopic job at section Competitive Conditions.
So in next section, we will look at some competition in this business field.

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