Part Three

Business Model

3.2 Competitive Conditions
Advantages and Disadvantages of WHVR

  • First in the world marketing this field, has less competitive pressure;
  • People are not familiar with this technology; they need time to accept autostereoscopic 3D;
  • Low Operation, Material and Human Resource Costs;
  • Technical bottlenecks like head-tracking, angle-adjusting;
  • Quick in reaction time, making autostereoscopic 3D on request of customers requirements;
  • Do not have reputation yet; need more marketing work to gain clients' confidence;
  • Reasonable Pricing Strategy makes business transaction affordable;
  • Competitors may soon come out to compete in this market;
  • No environment and space restriction, business contact and communication can be easily achieved by telephone, fax and internet;
  • DTI autostereoscopic monitor price becomes more affordable;

Who will benefit from WHVRA projects? When doing marketing propagandizing, we want to attract the following customers and give them our service:

  • World Heritage Sites Protection Organizations; they use autostereoscopic pictures for backup and collection.
  • World Heritage sites auxiliary facilities such as museums and gift shops. they may use these images for scientific references use and made souvenirs like postcards or books.
  • Heritage Conference attendees; they may avoid taking replica to attend meeting; small disc-stored pictures are easy to carry and demonstrate.
  • Scientific researchers or students; they can use autostereoscopic images for academic uses.
  • Websites which promote or propagandize world heritage sites; these 3D images are more attractive than normal 2D ones.
  • On-line tourists; many tourists now enjoy the virtual on-line visiting because of they may lack time and money. at this circumstances, autostereoscopic 3D pictures can satisfy their requirements.

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