Part Three

Business Model

3.3 Marketing Strategies

3.3.1 Commerical Propagand

WHVA this brand disemination can be achieved by the following means:

  • Website; Website now becomes the most efficient media for advertising your products. will be the main window for WHVPA to publicize its service and reputation.
  • Media Advertisement; Of course our business venture will spend certain amount of money on media for advertising campaign. The media which we choose to advertise will be the expert in this field, such as National Geography. World Heritage Magazine by UNESCO.
  • Direct contact with relevant organizations; Direct contact to the organizations and museums will also be a good way of marketing. Infomation about these establishments can be easily found on web as shown on Target Market and Customers

3.2.2 Pricing

WHVPA has professional team consists of tehnical engineers, designers, customer service staff, so we will price our service at a very competitive and resonable level. Price will be charged on quantity and quality of the request of customers. Refund policy will be complied if customers are unsatisfied with our servicee and products.

3.3.3 Customer Service

We also care about after-sales services, within certain period of time, our clients can ask us the modify the products accroding to their new requirements and we promise a 0800 hotline and on-line service for customers

3.3.4 Update and Restore Service

If the autostereoscopic 3D technology develops in the near future, we offer our former customers with the service to update their images if they want. And if the images on clients' side are lost or damaged, we are responsible for offering them a copy from our backup database.

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