Part Three

Business Model

3.4 A Case Study – Xiaoling Tomb(1398) in Nanjing, China

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Part Two Why This World Heritage Site choose WHVPA ?

As one of the symbol of Nanjing City, capital city of Jiangsu Province, Xiaoling Tomb attracts more one hundred thousand visitors per day. It possess two auxilary museums, seven gift shops around the tomb area.

After careful research work, we find Xiaoling Tomb's 2D pictures are abundant, but no one did any 3D products for it yet. So we contact the Xiaoling Tomb Operating Organization and introduce our service to them. To better introducing Nanjing city and Xiaoling Tomb to the world, the staff there decided to use autostereoscopic 3D technology to re-generate this historical site and put them on the web for the internet viewer around the world to get familiar with it.

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