Part Three

Business Model

3.4 A Case Study – Xiaoling Tomb(1398) in Nanjing, China

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Part Three The Commercial Prototype of the products for Xiaoling Tomb

This is the VR Scene of Xiaoling Tomb of the Ming Dynasty in Nanjing, China. Xiaoling, the first emperor of Ming dynasty is buried there. The tomb provide outstanding evidence of Chinese beliefs and traditions and significant examples of architecture and applied arts, designed in keeping with the Chinese concepts of geomancy .

Virtual Tour Here :

Tortoise Stele (Right Side View)
Tortoise Stele (Front View)
Tortoise Stele (Front and Right Side View)
Tortoise Stele (Left Side View)
Outside of Archway

Special Thanks to M17 and his personal website:

and 3D images are taken from this site and were copyright protected.

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