Xiaoling Tomb of the Ming Dynasty
:( working in progress

This is the VR Scene of Xiaoling Tomb of the Ming Dynasty in Nanjing, China.

before you start, make sure you computer meet this minimume requirement:

BS Contact VRML 6.1 +

PIII 866 or above
256MB or above
Geforce2 or above,  64MB video merory  (maybe have problem with ATI)
DirectX 9
Windows XP & Window Media Player 9 & IE 6


the scene is so complex, you computer maybe very slow,

you can PRESS [Ctrl] + [Enter] to swtich to fullscreen , that will fast a little.

this scene have a pre-define animation.

PRESS [PageDown] several time to start anim

and a lot of special effect include weather ,sun lighting animation, plants, sound and music.

can walk like Quake, with viewpoint bobs up and down, with [SPACE] key for jump, and with foot step sound
this scene will be convert into X3D-XML this week

So Sorry, It's still in debug.

I have to submission to Web3D Showcase before the deadline,
so something still not finish and will finish in the next week, hope i will not be late.

but i think it will be one of the best X3D showcase. hope man from Web3D Showcase put my work in the Showcase :-)

snapshot version coming soon
X3D-XML version coming soon
more special effect coming soon

June 30 2003


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