Part One

Project Overview


WHVPA’ is the abbreviation for ‘World Heritage Virtual Preservation Agency’. It is planned to be a business organization of using Autosteroscopic 3D technology to reserve the world heritage sites on request of customers.

Imagine you could see a virtual animated object or figure standing right in front of you, with all the realism of an actual object in space. When you move your head, the animated figure knows where you are, and turns to look at you. If you get nearer or farther, the sense of reality and dimensionality is maintained. Imagine further that the display device to support this fits easily on your desk top or mounted on your door or wall, does not require you to wear any special glasses or equipment over your eyes, and has no moving parts.

Many types of scientific images and data are complex and are easier to interpret when observed in three dimensions. This is especially true for information presented visually in the form of multi-parameter graphs and tables, as well as for images of natural events, such as turbulent flows. Furthermore, the appearance of depth in stereoscopic or VR3D displays adds greatly to the understanding and analysis of scenery imagery, wherever rendition of depth is important, for example, in archaic mechanical engineering constructions like Pyramids, ancient architecture wonder like Petra Stone City and other fields of endeavor.

Virtual Effect of the Pyramids in Egypt

This agency is set up to satisfy the needs of those clients who want their priceless historical preservations to be duplicated by this new technology that the duplicate works look almost the same as the original ones and at the meantime, they also have scientific value and functions for research or teaching purposes.

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